Talented horseman and showjumper Jack Bowlby killed himself while taking controversial acne drug


Acne is a skin disease caused by dead skin cells and also due to oil originated from the glands of the skin.

It causes anxiety, low confidence and severe acne problems to a person.
The symptoms of acne diseases are characterized by black heads, oily skin, pimples, scars and also white heads on face, back or sometimes even on the top part of chest. Acne may be caused by several reasons, although, the reason could simply be genetics and hormones.

The lifestyle of a person can affect the genetics of his future generations and can cause acne problems. The reason according to (acne)(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acne) could also be diet, infections and medications. An improper diet consisting of a lot of carbohydrates and fats can affect your skin. Also, side effects from medicines can lead to acne.

Acne can be simply treated by increasing the vitamins supplement for acne prone skin and using the best foundation for acne prone skin. However, many acne drugs are available in the market that can cause severe damage to your health and force you towards depression and also suicides. Yes, it is possible.

It is possible that the acne drugs you use could be life-taking and can lead you towards death slowly especially when the drug you are using is Roaccutane, also known as Accutane. It may seem to be a normal acne drug but it is very dangerous. Its scientific name is isotretinoin and is prescribed for mild cases of acne problems.

The drug maker of Roaccutane has paid millions over several law suits filed against the drug which is held responsible for many innocent deaths. Accutane is always linked to suicide, depression and dark thoughts making a person dull and depressed.

According to accutane it comes with a warning label of X category and should only be taken when prescribed for severe cases. Accutane is often found to be overused and is often sold out to persons who barely have got any acne problems, despite the fact that it should be only used as a last option for mild acne problems.

In spite of many cases on the drug use, it’s still available in the market and drugged illegally under different names like Claravis, Amnesteem and Sotret. It causes mood swings, frustration, loss of pleasure, loss of interest in anything, irritation and anger issues and can be deadly. An example of its deadliness is the death of the racehorse trainer’s nephew in Cheltenham boarding school, as per acne drug.

Jack Bowly, who was 16 years old died due to the continuous intake of Accutane. He used to take Accutane as a normal acne drug to clear his skin, after which he started experiencing dark thoughts and mood swings which were really violent. Afterwards, he was found dead in his room at the very prestigious boarding school, Cheltenham. Jack was prescribed to take Accutane by Dr. James Milne.
Later, when he started experiencing wild mood swings, the school authority didn’t inform that to the doctor and didn’t even enter it in his medical report. Due to this, the problem was ignored for months and resulted in the death of the young boy.
Instead of taking Roaccutane, one is recommended to take some vitamins supplement for acne prone skin. As per vitamins
Intake of Vitamin A: The intake of Vitamin A can help you get rid of the acne problem as it is an antioxidant and belongs to the class of retinoids. It had always been prescribed for treating acne. Low levels of Vitamin A in the body can cause acne problems. Hence, the increase in the intake of Vitamin A can help you cure acne.
Fatty acids of Omega-3: This is found in seafood, especially in fishes and is undoubtedly one of the best anti acne acids. It so also found in soya beans, palm oil and walnuts. They are very useful in treating acne.
Zinc and selenium: Selenium antioxidant should be taken along with the zinc antioxidants for better results and are proved effective for treating all kinds of acne problems. Also, it is important to know that zinc helps in the transportation of Vitamin A, hence, definitely there should be enough intake of zinc.
Hence, the different nutrients and intake of vitamins supplement for acne prone skin is more efficient than any drugs.
Also, there are so many foundations available in the market for acne problems. As for foundation, there is the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation known to be one of the best foundation for acne prone skin. There is also Neutrogena skin clearing foundation available along with many others to suit best on an acne prone skin without any side effects.