Organizing Pony Parties

poneys parties

If you have a horse-based business or if you own many horses, you may be interested in putting on pony parties.

This means taking your ponies to a birthday party, a company picnic, a celebration for a sports team, etc., and charging a fee for rides for children. To do this, you probably need five or six ponies at the very least.

What you Need

As we get into the basics of what pony parties are all about, let’s look at some things you’ll need. It’s important to have a good bunch of ponies, hopefully about half a dozen. You’ll probably require a dozen children for the events you do, but you’d need to have a limit on the number as well, perhaps thirty or forty. You’ll have a hard time keeping that many young horses at once, and they can’t be more than medium-sized. It’s also, of course, impractical to try to transport more than eight or nine ponies. The ponies will have to be gentle and well-behaved. They can be trained that way, and any who might be a bit dangerous have to be excluded.
You’ll also need excellent, friendly staff, ideally that are good with kids. If you love children and have an easy way with them, you’re a good prospect for pony parties. If not, you may be OK, but be sure to have some friendly and outgoing people who can entertain kids as part of your crew. They also should be gentle and very careful and safety-conscious.

Getting Customers and Setting up Parties

If you think about it, not very many people readily think to set up ponies as part of an event. They also may not know where to go for the service. It’s pretty important to network and to make yourself known. The first thing is probably to set up a facebook page and other elements of social media. Ideally, you will have many contacts to add, perhaps through a riding school or stables for boarding you may already be running. Or, you may know a lot of people in the are from attending riding courses or somehow interacting with horses.
But you’ll need to go beyond that. You may try other social media and perhaps print up some inexpensive flyers. You may me post these at local malls, sporting goods stores, and coffee shops. Your clientele, in addition to any businesses or organizations, will include families with the financial means to afford your service, so you may choose places to advertise accordingly.
From there, it’s very important to set up a detailed web site for setting up parties. You’ll need to list your rates and establish with customers what to expect. You’ll have to clearly state minimums and/or maximums of children and their required ages and/or weights. You should also talk about measures you’ve taken for safety and what expectations you have for your clients in terms of safety (for example, having the kids wear helmets).

You may choose to have a form that they fill out listing all the relevant information. It’s important to have clear ending times for the pony rides so that you can go on to the next party or not be kept longer than initially arranged for.

This can be a fun and rewarding part-time venture. However, it’s one in which safety is absolutely essential and in which relating well with and entertaining children is a key part. You should have a healthy interest in these things before you begin.